Asian Students-South Philadelphia High School (SPHS)

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Their conclusions were that a poor educational environment and a lack of attention to the growing culturally diverse population of the school were conducive to establishing an atmosphere for violence. Their presentation at the Board (SRC) meeting was met with a lukewarm response bordering on indifference by the Board and the Superintendent. The students with the AAU filed a civil rights complaint with both the Federal Department of Justice (DOJ) and the city’s Commission on Human Relations; both found in favor of the students. The School Board signed a consent agreement with the DOJ for remedies to change the environment; the Human Relations Commission developed a list of conditions it considered essential for changing the culture of violence.

Under the leadership of a new principal and the beginning application of the prescriptions of the DOJ and HR Commission, SPHS has begun to change. The rapport between the students and the principal reflects warmth and concern. The Asian and at least some African American students is growing respectful. These photos document activities of the Asian students immediately after the assault until the graduation of some in June, 2011. The Valedictorian for the graduation was Duoung Nghe Ly, a leader among the Asian students, who graduated first in his class.


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